Storm Chasing In Nebraska Today

I am streaming my storm chase to Nebraska today.  My LIVE chase cam can be found at  Live broadcast from 11am to 10pm CDT.

Storm and nature pics at

WEDNESDAY STORM CHASE TARGET: I-80 corridor in Nebraska from Gothenburg to Grand Island.

I was on the Sumner/Cowley county KS supercell yesterday from the moment it developed.  Early in its life cycle it came really close to producing a tornado as there was a well formed cone shaped funnel extending half way to the ground at one point.  However, I was within a mile of it and never witnessed any circulation at ground level.  The thing then proceeded to sit and cycle for almost two hours south of Oxford, KS, and I was on the air with KAKE-TV live for nearly this entire time.  It was an interesting backyard chase to say the least.  Anyway, on to today’s severe set-up…

FORECAST: Extreme instability pooling along and just south of a warm front across southern Nebraska will combine with deep layer shear and an upper level disturbance to create an explosive supercell environment late this afternoon and evening for area along and just north of the warm front.  A cap will keep a lid on activity until around 5pm, then discrete supercells should explode.  Based on my morning analysis, it appears a likely region for getting a storm will be somewhere near or west of Grand Island, NE.  So, my plan is to head north to York, then westward from there.  I am hoping be in the target between 2 and 3pm CDT, and make adjustments from there.


2 Responses to “Storm Chasing In Nebraska Today”

  1. Was able to follow the evenings chase… even the massive data “Dead Zone” time and must say…. IT WAS AWESOME!!!

    Thought it was about time to cash i in and swooop… there it is!
    The tornado near Aurora. Start to finish. That with punching the core a couple of days earlier, lightning strike to the car and animal strike has made for a few enjoyable days off from work.
    Thanks for the ride!

    • stormstream Says:

      Thanks Jack! I’m glad you’ve been following along and enjoying it. I too am having a blast streaming my chases this year and sharing what I love with folks. If you’d like I can put you on my e-mail list to get daily updates on my forecast and streaming plans. Just let me know.


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