Outflow Boundary Severe Late This Afternooon & Evening?

The big question today about the severe potential in the Wichita area is if the outflow boundary will be enough to spark a few severe storms with a strong cap building in?  I’ll be keeping a close eye on the visible satellite though the afternoon and early evening looking for evidence of towering CU, and the possibility of a storm forming.  The RUC seems to want to break out convection before dark, however, most of the other models do so after dark when the low level jst kicks in.  If we do get severe storms withing a 75 mile radius of Wichita today then I will chase them and stream the chase live at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/mike-phelps-mobile-weather-stream/.  I will again be conducting chaser school and interacting with my viewers, so I hope you can pop on and say hello.

Tomorrow, the severe parameters are looking much better up along the warm front extending from southwest Nebraska eastward, and I will be chasing and streaming my chase cam live.  Most likely between Noon and 10pm CDT.  Minden, Nebraska might make a good early target, but I will certainly be refining that on Wednesday morning.


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