Sunday’s Storm Chase Target: Colorado Springs to Lamar, Colorado

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FORECAST: It seems to me to be a pretty easy target today.  Juicy air (dewpoints in the lower 60s!) will be lifted by the Palmer Divide to produce convection by early to mid-afternoon.  Good directional shear with southeast surface winds and west-northwest winds aloft will create an environment for rotating supercell thunderstorms.  I confirmed a landspout tornado on the north side of Lamar, Colorado from last night’s storm, and more isolated landspouts and weak tornadoes will be possible again today.  The negatives are the weak surface winds, fairly weak mid level wind flow, as well as the bulk shear being slightly weaker than yesterday.  However, dewpoints are higher today and CAPE may end up higher than yesterday as well.  So, my specific target zone today is from Lamar to Colorado Springs to Denver to Limon to Cheyenne Wells to Lamar.


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