High Plains Storm Chasing!

View my live chase cam NOW at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/mike-phelps-mobile-weather-stream/.

Well, I am finally off on my official “chasecation” to the High Plains.  It is going to be so nice to get away from all the trees and hills of eastern KS, NE and OK, and experience some wide open country again.

The set-up looks really good for supercells and a few tornadoes and landspouts across eastern Colorado today through next week.  So, I am thinking I’ll be a High Plains Drifter for the next 4 to possibly 10 days.  I’m sure I’ll be looking an awaful lot like Clint Eastwood did in that movie by the end of all of this.  🙂  If things work out, I hope to make a very close intercept of a landspout tornado while I’m out there.

For today I am really liking the Raton Mesa area and southeast Colorado generally south of Interstate 70.  I am targeting the Lamar and LaJunta, Colorado areas, so I’m heading west of U.S. 54 and will take U.S. 50 into Colorado.  My plan is to be in the Lamar area by 12:30pm MDT, and make adjustments from there based on current obs.  Key will be to pinpoint areas of greatest CAPE, best low level flow and the nose of the theta e advection.  All of these factors should easily point me to the promise land of supercells and possible tornadoes today.  Also, I should get some nice lightning shots tonight as a big MCS forms.

Tomorrow, the severe activity becomes more isolated, but it will still be out there.  Then this weekend there is the potential for a regional outbreak of severe storms and tornadoes across eastern CO as the CAPE increases, the shear remains excellent, a strong disturbance rolls overhead, and the LCLs are low.

If the broadband card works good I plan to stream my chase cam live most of the time I am out, so be sure and tune in and say hello.  It’s real easy to chat with me on Ustream.tv.  Just create yourself a username and password and click the “chat” tab.  Do not click the “social chat” tab, as I chat only on the general chat.  Fell free to ride along with me and say hello if you get a chance.


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