Drivers Who Dare – Day 4

Yesterday was an action-packed, fun day of chasing with the Pangolin Pictures crew.

We started the day in Beatrice, Nebraska and after some difficult forecasting we finally ended up in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart in York, Nebraska with the Vortex 2 group.  We hung out there for about an hour and noticed storms rapidly firing to our south and southeast in northern KS and extreme southern NE.

We headed south on U.S. highway 81 and intercepted a storm near Hebron that quickly died.  However, another storm formed just to its south and became a beast!

This storm developed an awesome shelf cloud feature with it as it moves north-northeast.  Over the next two hours we stayed out ahead of it and was able to capture some amazing pictures and video of it.  All the while I was streaming the storm live on

So, three successful storm chases in a row.  Today we hope to make it four in a row as we head back to central KS to chase storms that fire along the cold front late this afternoon and evening.  Wenesday looks like a down day, but Thursday could be an active severe weather day in the High Plains of eastern Colorado and western KS.  I’ll be driving back to Atlanta for my daughter’s HS graduation Thursday, and will return to Tornado Alley on Saturday, but I will still be involved in the production as a forecaster and nowcaster for Jim Reed and the Pangolin Pictures crew.


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