StormStream Severe Storm Intercept Plan for Saturday, March 28, 2009

It is quite apparent that I will need to do some driving south and southeast today from my home base near Atlanta, GA if I’m going to be intercepting any decent storms this afternoon and evening. The most unstable air will reside on the south edge and south of an MCS that will move across central GA this morning. Sufficient shear, instability and support aloft will combine to produce and environment favorable for bow echos with damaging wind, and a few supercells capable of producing large hail and isolated tornadoes. The area of greatest threat will reside across southeast AL, the FL panhandle and south and southeast GA. Basically bounded by Troy, AL to Panama City, FL to Jacksonville, FL to Hilton Head, SC.

LIVE BROADCAST PLANS: The plan is to stream this chase live on Severe  Studios at and also simulcast the stream on Ustream TV at Feel free to tune in today and chase with me through the wonders of technology.

TARGET: Rectangle bounded by Bainbridge, GA to Brunswick, GA to Savannah, GA to Georgetown, GA back to Bainbridge.

TIME TO BE IN TARGET: Depart Atlanta by 9am, and be within target by 1pm to allow time for time to either adjust or abort.

CONFIDENCE OF SUCCESS LEVEL: Low to moderate. I’m not really feeling it on this one. It’s worth a shot, but my enthusiasm level for this chase is not high right now. Maybe that will change, but the prospect of driving through hours of rain to get to the target is not an appealing one right now.

If the storms fail me today, at least I may get a nice little mini-vacation to Savannah out of the deal. 🙂


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