Seven Tornadoes in my Storm Chase Target on a Marginal Day.

The Storm Prediction Center (SPC) is reporting a total of seven tornadoes on Saturday in Reno, Harper and Barber counties in Kansas.  The chase team I’m forecasting and nowcasting for again this season, the team of Jim Reed and Robin Lorenson, captured video of a tornado near Hutchinson, KS, that aired last night on The Weather Channel.

An early observation about the Plains tornado season so far is that it is an overachieving season.  By that I mean that even on days where moisture and instability are marginal, we are still getting tornadoes forming.  This is key information to know as we head into te meat of the Plains severe weather season, because it means one should probably chase even if it appears on paper conditions just aren’t right for tornadoes.  We had the same kind of season here in the Southeast last year.

I was watching several live video streams yesterday on and they looked fantastic.  This is such a valuable tool for forecasters, nowcasters and emergency managers to be able to actually see what the storms look like on radar and in the field in real time.  For those of us forecasters with chasing experience, we can look at the live stream and radar image and immediately assess the danger and the potential of the storm to intensify further or weaken.  Plus, it let’s us see what we’re missing!


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