West, South and East Sides of the Atlanta Metro have the Best Shot at Seeing Significant Snow Today

First off, congratulations to those in Alabama seeing significant snow! It has been a loooong and depressing snow drought for a lot of you and I am happy to see you getting the white stuff.

Heavy thunder sleet falling here at my house 30 miles west of Atlanta as I write this. Very, very cool. 🙂 Ok, now for the semi-bad news that really isn’t all that bad really.

Based on nowcasting analysis and the latest forecast models, it is becoming more and more apparent that the track of the mid and upper level low pressure system, which is critical to where the significant snow will fall, is going to be far enough west, south and east of Atlanta that only areas mainly south of I-20/85 will see significant snowfall today.

Right now I’d say that south of I-20/85 in the Atlanta metro could see a general 1 to 2 inch snowfall, with some areas picking up 3 or 4 inches. There will be a rapid drop off in accumulating snow prospects north of I-20 where a trace to 1 inch is possible. So, across the expansive Atlanta metro area it appears that anywhere from a trace to 3 inches of snow will occur, with isolated 4 inch amounts southwest, south and southeast of the city. I guess in the grand scheme of things this is a nice snow event for the ATL, but considering the potential of this system to produce so much more, it is a disappointment in my eyes.

Let me say that even in the 11th hour of this event, things can change for the better. When you are dealing with these types of system, surprises can happen. Just look at Memphis last night as a golden example. Any slight shift northward and slowing down of this system will bring all of the Atlanta metro area back into the heavy snow game. I’ve seen slight shifts happen time and time again with these things, creating major last minute changes in the forecast. So a trace to 3 inch snowfall forecast can suddenly turn into a 3 to 6 inch or more reality. Just keep your eyes glued to the radar and out the window!


One Response to “West, South and East Sides of the Atlanta Metro have the Best Shot at Seeing Significant Snow Today”

  1. Where I live in Union City, GA (southern suburb or Atlanta) about 15 miles south of ATL we have around 3+ inches on the ground. Earlier today, we had heavy thundersnow and lightning.

    It’s still snowing at a pretty good rate right now around 2:20pm.

    How much total snowfall accumulation do you think will be the grand total from this snowstorm?

    Thanks for all you do here!

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