Severe Weather East of the Mississippi River Today will be Less Intense than Yesterday’s

My thoughts and prayers are with all of those impacted by the damaging and deadly storms and tornadoes in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri and Kansas yesterday into early this morning.

Today’s round of severe weather across the OH and TN Valley and parts of the Southeast won’t be as bad as yesterday’s, but it will still be damaging and potentially deadly.

The instability is not as great as yesterday, and the main upper level jet dynamics and support are lifting pretty quickly to the northeast, and away from the region with the greatest instability. Still, they system is powerful enough to generate a line of severe storms that will sweep across the TN and OH Valley, producing damaging winds as strong winds aloft are transported to the surface in downdrafts. There is also a lot of shear in the atmosphere, and that could generate a few embedded tornadoes.

South of the main area of severe storms across parts of Dixie, generally along and north of Interstate 20, there will exists a threat of severe storms as well. This activity will be more scattered, and high levels of shear could lead to supercell development. These storms, however, will be lacking deep, quality moisture to feed off of, and the best upper level support will be north of them. So, while they could produce some damaging winds and some hail, the tornado potential with these storms, even though they may be supercells, will be rather low. Not non-existent, but low.

Everyone across the TN/OH Valley region as well as the Southeast should keep a close eye on the weather today, and be prepared to take action to protect life and property of severe weather should threaten.


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