Two Major Storm Systems Could Significantly Impact the United States Next Week

First off, thank you to everyone who watched my live internet broadcast yesterday of the major winter storm in the mountains of eastern TN and western NC.  It was quite an experience and it was fun having all of you along for the ride.  I will definitely be doing more of these kinds of broadcasts, and I will always mention it in my blog when I do, so keep reading!

The models have been very consistent in advertising two major storms for the United States next week.  The first rolls out of the Southwest this weekend, and impacts Kansas, Oklahoma, western Missouri and north Texas with potential severe thunderstorms late Sunday afternoon into Monday morning.   It is still a bit too early to talk specifics, but this is a substantial severe weather threat, and I will be watching it very closely and posting my latest thoughts on it as the week progresses.

This particular system could continue to produce severe weather across the Missouri and mid and lower Mississippi Valley on Monday, but the severe threat looks to lessen significantly as most of the energy lifts off to the Northeast on Tuesday.  So, at this point it appears the severe threat is rather small for much of the Southeast withthis first system.

The second system heads out of the West again, but this one gets its act together a little later, coming together over the KS/MO region early Wednesday.  This system could produce some significant snow in its back side, and a significant severe weather episode in its warm sector all the way from the MO and OH Valley southward into the MS Valley and Southeast progressing from west to east on Wednesday and Thursday.  This system, if it is accurately depicted by the models, would produce a large area of strong to potentially severe storms.  Definitely a system to watch!


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