Blizzard Conditions Expected Tonight in the Tennessee and North Carolina Mountains. I’ll be Broadcasting Live on the Internet from that Location!

I will be broadcasting live from the location of the snow storm this afternoon and tonight.  You can view my broadcast live on the internet at  When I am not streaming you will see a slide show of my weather and nature photography.  The main broadcast time today will be between 3pm and midnight, although I will be streaming my drive to the location as  well, and that will be between 11am and 3pm EST.

A strong upper level disturbance combined with a moist upslope flow will cause snow across the mountains of eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina to increase after noon today, and become heavy toward sunset.  Wind and heavy snow tonight will create blizzard conditions on the mountain tops.

Total snow accumulations between now and Thursday morning will be 2 to 6 inches at elevations below 2,800 feet.  Elevations between 2,800 and 4,000 feet will see 4 to 8 inches of snow, and elevations above 4, 000 feet will see 6 to 10 inches.  Some of the favored west-facing slopes at 5,000 feet and above elevation could see a foot of snow, combined with 50mph wind and wind chills of 20 below zero tonight.  Truly blizzard conditions.

My plan to intercept this major winter storm is to head north on I-75 to I-40, then take I-81.  I’ll then take I-26 eastward to Johnson City and make a final plan to either target Roan Mountain, TN or Beech Mountain, NC.  The plan is to be in the target area by 3 or 4 pm EST.


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