Major Ice Storm This Week, with Significant Snow North of the Ice

A long duration winter storm will impact areas from the eastern Plains to the TN and OH Valley between Monday and Wednesday of this week.

A major ice storm could impact areas from southeast KS and northeast OK, eastward across southern MO, northern AR, extreme northwest TN, much of KY and into parts of VA.  North of that zone of significant ice will be a zone of significant snowfall.  This has the potential of being the most far reaching high-impact winter storm of the season.

Then, yet another high-impact winter storm is being depicted by the operational GFS model for this Friday and Saturday.  This one is being shown affecting parts of the Southeast, Mid-atlantic and Northeast.  I have my doubts about this ending up being a true threat due to the poor performance of the GFS beyond five days this winter, however, it does lend some validity to my thoughts all this month that a major winter storm could impact parts of the Southeast in the final days of January, or very early in February.  So, I’m at least willing to give the GFS some measure of love on this until it takes the system away later today or tomorrow, then I am back to hating on it.

My disgust about the operational GFS this winter is only in the forecast range beyond about four days.  I actually think it has performed rather well in the one-to-three day range, and in fact, has beaten the NAM on several occasions.


2 Responses to “Major Ice Storm This Week, with Significant Snow North of the Ice”

  1. But Mike.. will it rain in Tampa next week? Thats the 64 dollar question

    thanks bud

    • stormstream Says:

      Hi Bill! The weather looks great for the Superbowl in Tampa on Sunday. Fine for your set-up and the day of, but there could be some rain and storms approaching on Monday, but they may not sweep through til Monday night/Tuesday. There are some indications of a winter storm developing across northern AL and GA on Monday into Tuesday morning next week. I’ll write more about that in my blog later today.

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