Active Weather Pattern – Three Storms Possible Over the Next Two Weeks

Looking into my crystal ball of medium range forecasting I see a lot of potential, and I mean a lot.  Then again, there has been a lot of potential most of the winter so far, and for the most part it has been wasted here in the Southeast.  So, we’ll see I suppose.

All month I’ve been thinking we would eventually see a high-impact winter storm across parts of the Southeast arising out of this generally cold weather pattern we’ve been in for several weeks.  The medium range models are showing the potential for a sleet or freezing rain system for mainly North Carolina on Sunday.  Then a much bigger storm, either rain or snow, possibly heavy, toward the end of the next work week.  Then yet another major storm around the 3rd or 4th of February that could be either a severe thunderstorm producer, or major snow and ice producer, or both.  So, the models do show a lot of potential, but the details have yet to be worked out.

I’ll be watching both the Plains and Southeast with great interest over the next few weeks, as both areas are targets for possible chases.


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