Mike Phelps Extreme Weather Video Highlights


12 Responses to “Mike Phelps Extreme Weather Video Highlights”

  1. Awesome shots.

    I love the gulls watching the waves. The lightning strike to the car is always an eye opener too…

    I do question your sanity on the one shot where you were driving into what I assume was a tornado…I’ll reserve judgement until I get the full story someday…lol…

    • stormstream Says:

      Yeah, the driving into the dust and debris shot looks a lot worse than it really is. It was a derecho out west of Garden City, KS about five years ago. There was not tornado in there, and we knew it was open farmland and range land so there would be no large pieces of debris. So we decided to drive into it. We got pelted good by dust and pieces of corn and milo stalks. An automated site near us recorded 110mph wind, and I’d say that was pretty accurate based on what we experienced. It was a lot of fun!

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  3. Great stuff here man! What about this video! Awesome!!

  4. WOW !! Very nice Video !
    How beautiful ,and violent at the same time ,Mother Nature can be !!!

    • stormstream Says:

      Thanks Mandy! I’m just coming off an amazingly busy week of more incredible storms. Hopefully I’ll have time to eventually add that video on here as well.

  5. I’m looking forward to that ! I know it’s has been a very busy week for you , i was watching you on CTV the other day (4-29 ,near Garden City ,KS i believe it was) , you had a tornado touchdown and this very beautiful (and monster) of a Meso in front of you ! WOW !!!! I couldn’t believe it…;-)…i’ve never seen anything like that before ! Breathtaking to say the least….

    • stormstream Says:

      That was an amazing storm. I’ve been doing this for 20 years, and I’d have to say that was one of the best, if not the best meso I have ever documented.

  6. Really? Wow ! What a lucky day !!!! I’m so glad to you were there at the right spot , at the right time that day to capture it all for everyone to see !!! =)

  7. KimTwister Says:

    hey mike awesome tornado in mulvayne great footage

  8. Mike, I am SO glad you gave me the site address to go to! This video is surreal!!! I can’t even adequately express what I’m feeling right now! What a total rush!!! Bottom line is this.. I hope no matter what you are always back safely; but I am totally hooked on the footage, and photos you manage to get. I’m going to be doing a lot more searching on your works.. Take care of you… and WOW! If you could sell the feelings your work created.. You’d be RICH!!!

  9. belleofthestorm Says:

    I love the video. Very very good, can’t wait til next year

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